Ramadan is a special time for Muslims the world over who demonstrate self-discipline by abstaining from food and drink during the daylight hours (or dawn to dusk) over the course of 30 days and nights.

During this time, it is especially important to ensure we remain healthy and consume the right foods and nutrients for Sahur and Iftar. If you’re looking for something different to break your fast with this Ramadan, the purveyor of premium stingless itama bee Darlings

Honey offers an alternative option to sweet, sugary drinks for breaking fast.After you have opened your fast with the customary dates (buah kurma), the best drink you can have, is a glass of raw honey. Stingless itama bee honey is a nutritional powerhouse just like dates, which are an integral tradition during Ramadan. Consuming pure and natural honey on an empty stomach after a long day of fasting can aid in the body’s rehydration as well as the replenishment of key vital nutrients.

When taken immediately after breaking fast, the honey gently glides down the food pipe, lining its walls with natural living enzymes and nutrients which boast a tonne of healthbenefits. Stingless bee honey has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-diabetic, and antioxidant benefits according to this study.

Consuming honey for Sahur is also a good way to sustain one’s fast as the natural sugars in honey can provide sustained energy throughout the day. Blood sugar levels can also be maintained at a constant level with stingless itama bee honey compared to other types of sugar or glucose-rich carbohydrates.

Stingless bee honey is also a great immunity boost and can help keep digestive systems running smoothly during this time of fast. Even if you’re not fasting, Darlings Honey is a good way to kick-start the day after a night’s sleep (and fast).

Stingless itame bee honey is also a great alternative to sugar when making Raya desserts.

You can try substituting sugar with Darlings Honey in your favourite Raya recipes. Harvested from by Trigona Itama stingless bees – found in less than 10 countries worldwide,including Malaysia – this sweet-sour honey has only one-third the Glycemic Index (GI) compared to manuka honey, thanks to its low sugar content. Itama bees are customarily reared for pollinating fruits, and not so much for their honey.

Thus, the honey that stingless bees produce from fruit nectar is almost pure fructose with hardly any glucose, in terms of its sugar content, and is especially good for regulating blood glucose levels in diabetics.

Itama stingless bee honey is also known for its more complex flavour profile, with a mild sourness that adds depth to the sweetness of honey. It especially goes well in desserts that call for citrus fruits like lemon, lime and orange.

This Ramadan, Darlings Honey has also launched a limited-edition flavour. This special Raya edit is Malaysia’s first Musang King Durian-infused stingless bee honey.

Darlings Itama Honey is 100% pure, natural, raw and organic honey. It has 0% processing, bottled without any additives, artificial colouring, flavouring, sweeteners, or preservatives – straight from Forest-to-Bottle to You.

Prices for Darlings Itama Honey start from RM199 and includes a gift box and postage.

For more details, visit Darlings Honey website or check out their Facebook or Instagram pages.

DID YOU KNOW: Honey is mentioned in “The Bee,” a chapter in the Quran, and considered to be one of the ‘heavenly foods served in Paradise’.

Surah Al-Nahl 16:68-69

And your Lord inspired the bees: “Make ˹your˺ homes in the mountains, the trees, and in what people construct, and feed from ˹the flower of˺ any fruit ˹you please˺ and follow the ways your Lord has made easy for you.”

From their bellies comes forth liquid of varying colours, in which there is healing for people. Surely in this is a sign for those who reflect.

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