Recognising the physical, emotional and mental stresses of breastfeeding on mothers, Philips Avent launches the You Are Enough campaign to raise awareness that every breastfeeding journey is unique and should be taken at a mother’s own pace and comfort.

Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), a global leader in health technology, today launched the You Are Enough campaign under its baby care brand Philips Avent, to celebrate all mothers and their unique breastfeeding journeys. 

Being a new mother is not easy and every mother desire to do the best for their child.But just like any new skill, breastfeeding can take time to master, even though many perceive that it should come naturally and easily. 

Recognising the physical, emotional and mental stresses of breastfeeding on mothers, together with local TV host and artiste Hunny Madu champions “You Are Enough” campaign, that aims to empower mothers by raising awareness that every breastfeeding journey is unique and is a process that should be taken at an individual’s own pace and comfort.

Studies show that breastfeeding is beneficial for both the mother and the baby, and Philips Avent believes that every mother should be supported to embrace every challenge and love every moment of the feeding journey. Though the first 1000 days of motherhood may not be easy, mothers should rest assured that doing their best is enough, because “You Are Enough.”

“True to our brand mission, Philips Avent’s solutions are informed by extensive research and deep insights. We aim to support and empower parents through their first 1000 days with their babies. The Philips Avent Electric Breast Pump and Natural PPSU baby bottle are designed to provide mothers and babies with a natural and comfortable feeding experience, while the Pregnancy+ App helps to equip mothers to tackle the challenge of feeding their babies smoothly and safely.” says Zach Lim, Philips Avent Marketing Manager for ASEAN.

Ultimate comfort for babies

The bestselling Natural PPSU baby bottles easily combine the best of both breast- and bottle-feeding, as they come fitted with a flexible, breast-shaped, skin-soft silicone teat that not only mimics the feel of a soft nipple, but also to encourage a natural latch-on. It also allows natural tongue movement as a baby feed. 

The high-quality and durable bottles made of PPSU material are designed with higher heat resistance. 

They also come with an anti-colic system with a valve designed to draw air away from the teat, reducing the amount of air that the baby swallows can lead to lower reflux and colic issues.

Ultimate convenience for mothers

To further assist mothers in their breastfeeding journeys, the Philips Avent Electric Breast Pump that comes in a modern, sleek and lightweight design. 

It offers a gentle, fast and simple pumping experience that mimics a baby’s natural feeding motion. With this, mothers can pump comfortably and discreetly anytime, anywhere. 

Their unique Natural Motion Technology uses a combination of suction and nipple stimulation, helping mothers initiate milk flow quickly and efficiently. As compared to the other pumps in the market, it allows those who are breastfeeding to express more milk in less time.

Understanding that mother’s go through changing nipple sizes during their breastfeeding journey, the silicone cushion gently adapts to fit 99.98% of nipple sizes so mothers can be confident that the Electric Breast Pump will stay a reliable support to them throughout. 

The Philips Avent Electric Breast Pumps are available at the Philips official stores on Lazada and Shopee. Regular Retail Price starting from RM799 For more information, visit

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