Mead Johnson Nutrition is proud to continue to introduce products that we believe will help build healthier Malaysians. The introduction of its first adult nutritious milk, PROVITAL Immuna Plus aims to offer Malaysian adults a nutritional source to activate and strengthen their bodies’ natural defenses.

Featuring its unique proposition that provide Triple Immunity Protection from yeast beta-glucan, selenium and vitamin C that strengthens the body’s immune function.

“Now more than ever, concerns around our immune health have come into sharper focus; and it is for this specific reason that PROVITAL Immuna Plus was formulated. This high calcium and protein milk powder can be integrated into one’s daily diet to enhance our immunity and mobility. Its key ingredient – yeast beta-glucan, helps to support immune system associated with colds, and 2 glasses of PROVITAL Immuna Plus provide 204mg of yeast beta-glucan which is the recommended level to show effect.” said Gonzalo Balcazar, General Manager of Mead Johnson Nutrition Malaysia, Singapore & Vietnam.

PROVITAL Immuna Plus also wishes to celebrate the admired efforts of local heroes who have contributed to society in their own ways, in conjunction with Malaysia Day. Known as “Healthier Malaysians, Stronger Malaysia”, this programme aims to recognise, honour, and celebrate ordinary Malaysians doing extraordinary things in making a difference in their communities today. We urge the public to join our efforts in showing our appreciation for inspiring Malaysians who have been championing a cause for the betterment of society by nominating them to be a Local Hero.

Mead Johnson Nutrition has identified a few Local Heroes who continue to work hard for a better Malaysia without neglecting their goals and health – Uncle Kentang, Esther Chit, Aunty Jenny, and Adrian Pereira. There is no effort too big or too small that ought to receive recognition – from saving the lives of stray dogs to providing food and support for the underprivileged. Everyone can play a role to create a Malaysia that we are proud of.

Share with us now, who is your Local Hero? Your mother, a woman who has managed to raise you despite challenges while handing a helping hand to others who are in need? A friend that spends their weekend picking up rubbish in the neighborhood to create a healthier community, or an individual that has dedicated their time to working for the improvements of the people’s lives?

The “Healthier Malaysians, Stronger Malaysia” programme is now open for nominations. The public can nominate deserving Malaysians who have carried out activities or initiatives that serve or meet a community need. Nominations can be submitted via from 19 July 2021 until 8 August 2021 midnight. 

Each Local Hero will receive a one (1) year supply of PROVITAL Immuna Plus adult nutritious milk and have their stories featured on PROVITAL Immuna Plus’ digital platforms.

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